Book reviews

This blog is for Ya reviews only. If you would like me to review your book please feel free to email me Here with review request in the title. I take Pdf, Kindle format or epub. I do prefer hard copies but due to me living in Australia I do understand the postage cost incurred.

I love to review your books, I am honest and forth coming with reviews giving my honest opinion of what I thought. I will never insult an author buy degrading there work, if I find a book is not something I enjoyed I will certainly contact you first. This very rarely happens :) 

  I am happy to post your review anywhere you like, please do keep in mind there is a waiting period for all requests as I also run an adult blog as well the Link here to Adult blog . For any authors who also write this genre.

I enjoy almost all aspect of Ya - fantasy, paranormal, romance , etc. Feel free to also send me an email regarding this.

I also participate in book tours, author spotlight posts, interviews , cover reveals please also feel free to contact me. Thanks for stopping by Page Flipperz Ya

Kat ;)