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Speechless by Hannah Harrington Book Review


My review
3 1/2 stars

Chelsea Knot is a social gossipmonger – spreading rumors, and gossip like a hurricane. Until one night someone’s life is put in danger because of it. Chelsea now realizes that her mingling and big mouth has done something very bad and in return does the only thing she knows she should. She should make it somewhat right.

She brings justice to the person affected. She rats outs the bad guys and in turn looses all her popularity status, and earns a black mark against her name. SHE IS NOW AN OUTCAST among her peers.

Her best friend and all the IN group at school have ditched her, cause havoc and belittle her for telling the truth. Chelsea realizes that because of her meddling someone’s life could have been taken. And in turn takes a vow of silence – hoping that if she doesn’t speak she can’t won’t get anyone else hurt.

In turn, Life has taken a turn for the worst for Chelsea, she now has no friends, is no longer amongst the High Rollers at school - and decides after reading an article on monks , that will become mute and deal with the consequences of her actions.

The repercussion of rumors, high school bullying and racism against gay relationships is a message conveyed within this story. I found both compelling for anyone at any age. Speechless relates to a lot of social issues, that I’m sure as an adult and a teen you can relate to on almost any level. It’s mild in the way in which it is put forth, but certainly puts forth a subject that is very real and most definitely happens.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this read. I read it in one sitting, and must say I was very impressed with the way in which Hannah conveyed so much in this book. The writing was well written, all emotions well put forth. The romance was very subtle, but cute. And the realization that being popular can have its disadvantages. You are not the person you thought you were.

All the chararacters were well fleshed out. Each and everyone having their own personalities, and some having none what so ever, this was well put forth in this story. The unpopular ones had more depth and definition to themselves then the shallow popular status quo that so many of the kids wanted.

Chelsea realizes after this stint, and her vow of silence that she was really not whom she wanted to be. The pink outfits, the gossiping and the bitchiness was just to keep within the group, but after meeting some new friends her life certainly changed for the better.
The meaning behind the story knows the difference between right or wrong. Be who you are – and just be yourself. Be the only person you know how to be and that would be YOU.

Chelsea formed great meaningful friendships within the story, and realizes what life, love and status quo really meant. Just being herself amongst real friends, made Chelsea more than the shell of a person she was before.

I really enjoyed this line.

Noah, hate is easy, but love takes courage.

Thank you to Harlequin Australia for providing me with an arc of Speechless for review for my honest opinion.

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Blood Bond Book Tour - Heather Hindlebrand Review , Playlist.

I'd Like to Welcome everyone to the Blood Bond Book Tour. Today I have Heather's Play list whilst writing Blood Blond and My review. Also check out the cover and blurb ! - Book Three in the series and it just gets better and better ** inserts wolf whistle here **


If I had to choose one word to sum up all of my problems, this would be it.
Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have to watch my best friend slowly becoming a monster. Without hybrids, I could let go of the mentality “hunt or be hunted.” CHAS wouldn’t be scouring the Earth, intent on slaughtering and using Alex to do it. Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have to be on guard that losing my temper meant losing my shape. There would be no monster inside me, struggling to get out.

Then again, without hybrids, I wouldn’t have Wesley St. John.

Rating 5 / 5 !!!!! HOWLLLWWWINNGG 

My Review

Heather has out down herself with the third instalment of her Dirty Blood series. The start off,  for book three is a  gradual building  as the storyline   progressed.  I found myself   reading  into the wee hrs of the night.   3am I closed the book and thought WOW !!!! I want more.  As I said to Heather If I could Howl - I would've been after that ending !!! ** a wolf howl not cry ** snickers. This series that Heather has so cleverly written is one of the best werewolves series I have been lucky enough to read. We don't see alot of werewolves stories out there and Heather certainly gives us a refreshing and suspenseful action packed tale with this. 

After reading the ending to Blood Bond ........ 

I need book 4 like now - an ending that certainly fluffed my pillows and had me  in a tether. 

Blood Bond as lots of Twists and turns , A HUGE  heart ache ,  kick arse action, and characters that will draw you into the pages. I enjoyed every character that Heather has scribed, some more than others.** grins ** But I was certainly happy to see more of Wes in this story. The love that Tara and Wes has is more than just lust.  It makes you gooey inside.. - sigh - But I honestly couldn't help but want Alex tooooooooo.. 

There will be moments where you will be teary eyed... Heather certainly didn't waste any time - adding in that     bit of heart ache in this story - but they say,  what hurts you makes you stronger RIGHT !!!  

I'm not sure which book boyfriend I like the most but after that ending - I certainly need some explaining ;) It was defiantly unpredictable and I certainly didn't see it coming.  I love that in a story !!!! UNPREDICTABLE !! 

George still holds that soft spot  for me - the friendship that Tara and George had was certainly something you would never give up. Blood Bond is certainly a fantastic title for this book with all that became about. (( sigh )) Heather portrays all the emotions so well in this story giving the reader great depth into the relationships of each and every character.  

Heather certainly packs this installment in the series with danger, revelations, heartache , and, of course, smexy  romance. Tara is a feisty heroine surrounded by hot, hunters and werewolves , and  a world destined for her.  This instalment of Dirty blood  gives a deeper glimpse into the world in which Heather has created, filling in gaps from previous books and leaving us hanging off the edge of our seat in eager anticipation of what's to come in book 4 . 

Blood Bond is an action-packed, fast-paced, entertaining, addictive and completely engrossing story.   With amazing dialogue , intelligent and action-packed plot, sizzling chemistry between our kick arse   heroine, hunters , and   hybrids and an ending that will have you WANTING MORE !!  

Heather Hildenbrand was born and raised in a small town in northern Virginia where she was homeschooled through high school. She now lives in coastal VA, a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean, with her husband and two adorable children. She works from home, part time, as a property manager and when she's not furiously pounding at the keyboard, or staring off into space whilst plotting a new story, she's helping her husband with DIY projects in their home (he woodworks - she paints) or she's lying on the beach, soaking in those delicious, pre-cancerous rays.
Heather loves Mexican food, hates socks with sandals, and if her house was on fire, the one thing she'd grab is her DVR player.
You can find out more about her and her books at
Or stalk her here:
Heather is a co-founder of Accendo Press, a publishing group she operates with fellow authors: Angeline Kace and Jennifer Sommersby. Accendo (a-CH-endo), A Latin word, means “to kindle, illuminate, inflame, or set fire.” This is something Accendo strives to do inside a reader’s imagination with every title released. For a complete list of titles and author bios, visit


I don’t listen to music often during the actual writing process but I do during editing. Music helps me then because during editing I’m checking to see if I captured the overall feeling in a scene that I was going for, and I am making sure it will translate to the reader the way I intended. The music helps me define the feeling each scene needs to have.

My playlist for Blood Bond was eclectic--as all of mine are. Here’s the list, along with an explanation about how/what that song inspired:

Always by Bon Jovi – if you’ve been with the series since the beginning, you know this is George’s and Tara’s song. He writes it in a love letter of sorts in Cold Blood and then in Blood Bond, it’s explained how it came to be special for them. They even sing it to each other. So cute!

Fix You & Spies by Coldplay – Fix You is a message from Tara to George. She will do anything to help him in Blood Bond. She knows there’s no way to stop him from turning, but she’s determined to keep him from becoming a monster in the process. I can’t tell you who Spies is for. You’ll just have to read the book and find out!

There are a couple of road trip songs: Postcards from Far Away by Coldplay and Roads Untravelled by Linkin Park. And yes, there is a road trip in Blood Bond.

Castle of Glass by Linkin Park – I love the line that says: “Wash the sorrow from off my skin and show me how to be whole again.” Yes, there is sorrow in Blood Bond. And grief. I can’t tell you why except to say we lose someone. It will rock the entire group and you see the mark of it in all of them.

You’ve Got The Love, Rabbit Heart, & Howl by Florence + The Machine – because I love their sound. And their lyrics are awesome. From Howl, I love the lines that say: “If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me. I held it in but now it seems you’ve set it running free.”

Hmmm, now who could it be talking about? *wink*

It goes on to talk about fingers on your skin, etc. and it makes me think of Tara and Wes. Then the song becomes kind of hot. *wink* which also makes me think of them. Just in a different way. *fans self* You’ll want to read those parts, trust me!

Train: Drive By & Meet Virginia made the list because I love their sound and how they made me feel. Meet Virginia describes a girl that’s stubborn and doesn’t care what others think of her. Sound like anyone from the series? Also great road trip music!

Howlin’ For You by The Black Keys – listen to it. It’s self-explanatory and perfect for my series. It was my favorite from this playlist. “Baby, I’m howlin’ for you.”

3 songs by Plain White T’s made the list: Rhythm of Love, Last Breath, and Killer. My favorite was Killer because it sums up how Tara felt throughout the book about what she was becoming. It also makes me think of Wes and Alex and how they wonder if/how Tara can love them or care for them despite who they are or what they’ve done. Rhythm of Love is great because it talks about only having a short time to express your feelings for the other (“we may only have tonight…”) and throughout the book, Wes and Tara only had short spurts to really be alone and “together.” Last Breath is about what a guy would do (pretty much anything, including die) to get away from a crazy girlfriend. It’s fun and doesn’t necessarily go with the storyline here but it’s about desperation and I liked the feeling for this book. At the end, he says: “what am I fighting for, if it ain’t you?” and I love that line.

That’s it for my playlist. If you’re wondering what I use to stream music while working, I used to use my MP3 (I still do for plotting with my white board) but for this book (at the computer), I used Spotify because I could look up songs and build the list quicker while still being in front of my computer screen. Plus, I can share my playlist with everyone via Facebook and you can see when I’m listening to which playlist. It was a way to show everyone that I was working on Blood Bond, because they saw that playlist streaming. Now, I love Spotify. I’ve already started using it to build my playlist for book 4.

I’m curious--what songs do you think work well for Blood Bond?

Me I love this song .......................................  As much as I know that George and Tara where not destined they have a friendship that certainly will be ALWAYS.

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Starchild - Stephanie Keyes Blog Tour & GIveaway


About the Book

The world is about to be cloaked in darkness. Only one can stop the night.
Kellen St. James has spent his entire life being overlooked as an unwanted, ordinary, slightly geeky kid. That is until a beautiful girl, one who has haunted his dreams for the past eleven years of his life, shows up spinning tales of a prophecy. Not just any old prophecy either, but one in which Kellen plays a key role.
Suddenly, Kellen finds himself on the run through a Celtic underworld of faeries and demons, angels and gods, not to mention a really ticked off pack of hellhounds, all in order to save the world from darkness. But will they make it in time.

About the Author
Stephanie Keyes holds an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems as well as a Master's in Education. A seasoned, facilitator, Mrs. Keyes worked in Training and Development for an international telecommunications corporation for twelve years; spending the first eight years of her career as a Software Trainer and Technical Writer and the last four working in HumanResources and Employee Development.

In May of 2012, Mrs. Keyes left the corporate world to focus on her family and her writing full-time. She also operates a freelance graphic and instructional design business, Sycamore Road Design.
Inkspell Publishing will release her first novel, The Star Child, on September 21, 2012. She is now currently at work on the second book in The Star Child Trilogy, The Fallen Stars.
Keyes lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two children, and Riley the dog.

Contact Stephanie

Book is To be available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Allromanceebooks, Kobo and Inkspell Publishing Website

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Never Say Never by Kailin Gow Book Review

Never Say Never ** Never Knights book one **

What girl wouldn't want to be surrounded by the sexy guys from the hottest teen rock sensation in the country? 18-year-old Never "Neve" Knight, not only is surrounded by the hottest boys to hit the music charts, but she is the band's lead singer. As the band's lead singer and manager, Never formed and shaped the band to where it is today, a band on the rise and on the brink of being signed by a label. As one of the guys, she knew each of the band members since they were all snot-nose ten-year-olds. While her boys were the cutest guys and they would protect her like knights, she couldn't date any one of them and ruin the chance at being signed with the record label of her dreams.

That changes when one of the band members suddenly drops out of the band, and in walks Danny Blue, with his dreamy blue eyes, hot body, and British accent. Suddenly, Never's solid world has turned to mush, and her rule for not dating one of her band members is seriously challenged. Can she keep her head straight and get her band signed with a label without losing her heart?

YA Mature/New Adult.

rating 4/5 

My review .

A great start for another series by Kailin gow
I read this in one sitting. Kalin never disappoints it rocked !!!

Never Knight is 18 years old and has started her own Rock band *The Never Nights*. With the help of her long-time friends, they embark on a journey of Dreams, and there passion for music.

 Never and her band are trying to hit it big without the aid or influence of her Rock star dad, Keith Knight - her dreams are to be famous all on her own,  Without the influence of her Rock star dads name and help. She embarks  on a journey of a dream - discovery, heart ache and acceptance.

The only strict rule set forth for the group is no dating within the band. But after an incident that leaves one of her guys injured they advertise for a new stand in guitarist band member.
Here we meet Danny Blue..................................................... ** picks jaw up off the ground **

 He is: Dreamy, English - good looking rock star material. ** swoon ** He joins the band and waves of power within the group just soured to new heights. Not only does the band's music enrapture the audience and each other the electricity and passion between Danny and Never is sizzling.

Danny and Never's passion is forbidden within the band - but with the chemistry that Never and Danny feel for each other can they stick the rules set forth?

 Danny has a past which may in the end effect his capability to love. Never has a choice to make, if rules are to be broken then consequences take place. Choices need to be made, loose her best friends, her band or Danny?

Never Say Never is a notch up from Kalians normal genres. This contemporary romance - New Adult story will take you on a rollercoaster ride, emotions that are well portrayed, sexy moments that Kailin so perfectly scribes and an array of moments that will have your eyes lashing batting and breathe baited. ( Kailin certainly surprised me here)) grins.

** I must say I think Kailin should try a dabble in the adult industry as well for her stories, because this story certainly showed me what I knew Kailin was capable of and that is ANYTHING !!!

** This new adult concept was very addressed  and put forth making it a tasteful and sexy read.

 Kailin has certainly taken us on a new journey with this one. For all readers who like smexy, Danny Blue and the boys are for you. I really enjoyed Never's best friend and I felt kind of sorry for him... I wasn't sure who to root for and still am slightly unsure of where this story line will go after such an unpredictable ending!  I cant wait to grab the next book in the series to find out more to this story.

The rock and roll theme was well written  throughout this story, it's entertaining, well-paced and the romance is ** sinfully sexy **... Grins! Grab your copy today - it's fun, heart-warming, and every book that Kailin writes has a message behind it!!  FOR ANYONE WHO DARE TO DREAM......

A big thank you to Author Kailin Gow for sending me this book to review !

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Blue Straggler by Kathy Lynn Harris SPOTLIGHT

Blue Straggler
Kathy Lynn Harris

A blue straggler is a star that has an anomalous blue color and appears to be disconnected from those stars that surround it.
But this is not a story about astronomy.
Bailey Miller is "disconnected" from the cluster of her rural south Texas family. She has never quite fit in and now in her early 30s, she finds herself struggling with inner turmoil and a series of bad choices in her life.
"... The characters made me laugh, cry, and wish that the story went on forever."
Bailey's drinking too much (even for a member of her family), has a penchant to eat spoonfuls of Cool Whip, works in a job that bores her beyond description and can't keep a relationship longer than it takes for milk to expire in her fridge.
Even with the help of her two outspoken friends, Texas lass Idamarie and her quirky college pal Rudy, she's having a hard time.
"... every single Texas reference Kathy Lynn Harris made was so descriptive that I knew exactly what she was talking about. I felt as if I was living the story."
So she packs up her Honda and heads out of Texas in search of herself and answers to secrets from her great-grandmother's past. The novel takes readers on a journey from San Antonio, Texas, to a small mountain town in Colorado and back again, as Bailey uncovers not only the secrets of her great-grandmother's life, but also some painful secrets of her own. All while finding love along the way.
"... both thoughtful and laugh-out-loud funny! I also hope that the author is working on a sequel."
"... I laughed till I cried, then cried till I laughed. This is one I will read over and over again."
If you have ever wondered why you got stuck with the family you did, what you are doing with your job and your life, or had a sudden desire to run off to the mountains, sit back and join Bailey for this laugh-out-loud, yet poignant ride.
"... Ms. Harris I'm ready for the next installment!"

About the Author:
Kathy grew up in rural South Texas — and comes from people who work hard, love the land and know how to have a good time on a Saturday night. As a writer, Kathy was lucky to have been surrounded by exceptional characters throughout her life, many of whom have lived their lives exactly the way they wanted. The rest of the world could take `em or leave `em! Inspiring, to say the least.
In 2001, Kathy made the move from Texas to the Colorado Rockies to focus on her writing and soak up All Things Mountain.
By day, she works for a relationship marketing agency. By night, she lives in an authentic log cabin near the southernmost glacier in North America, at 10,500 feet above sea level, with her husband and son, plus two fairly untrainable golden retriever mixes.
Mountain lions, bears, foxes, coyotes and other high-country animals are her neighbors, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. It is there that she writes — Kathy has completed two novels and three children’s books. She has also published hundreds of magazine articles, poetry, short fiction and essays. Her work has appeared in numerous published anthologies. Blue Straggler is her debut novel.

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Win A Kindle Fire HD with Kailin Gow

Author Kailin Gow has a wonderful competition going at the moment. 

From September 11 through November 30, 2012 every time you send in a receipt for either the Kindle Version of Fire Dance or the paperback version, you get entered into the drawing to win the new Kindle Fire HD!
The Kindle Fire HD will knock your socks off! It's thin, light, has beautiful high-quality graphic and color from the screen, and has some amazing new features that will enhance the kindle book reading experience such as being able to tell how many more minutes it will take you to finish the book or the chapter you're on base on your reading pace, being able to find out where your favorite character in the book shows up, and much more!

The threat to Aeros Island and Earth has come earlier than believed. Mackenzy was forced to join the Water Gods, crushing whatever hope the Fire Gods had in stopping the Erosion from claiming the remainder of Earth. As she discovers another side to her, as her powers emerge, she finds herself challenged beyond anything else to make the most difficult decision in her life, a decision that could change the fate of everyone.
Download a Copy of Fire Dance at only $3.99
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Contest is open internationally. No purchase necessary to enter. If you didn't make a purchase, feel free to enter by sending a postcard with your name, address, email address, and age to:
Attn: Fire Dance Contest
14252 Culver Dr. A732
Irvine, CA 92604

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Cover Feature - Perception by Lee Strauss


Seventeen year old Zoe Vanderveen is a GAP—a genetically altered person. She lives in the security of a walled city on prime water-front property along side other equally beautiful people with extended life spans.
Her brother Liam is missing.
Noah Brody is a natural who lives on the outside. He leads protests against the GAPs and detests the widening chasm they’ve created between those who have and those who don’t. He doesn’t like girls like Zoe and he has good reason not to like her specifically.
Zoe’s carefree life takes a traumatic turn. She’s in trouble and it turns out that Noah, the last guy on earth she should trust, is the only one who can help her.

PERCEPTION is a ( SF/mystery/romance) Young Adult novel that takes place in the not too distant future in a world changed by climate extremes, natural disasters and impending wars, and where scientific breakthroughs cause class divisions—both financially and philosophically. It explores the clash between faith and science and how differences can separate us as enemies or ally us together. And in some cases, even in the midst of betrayal and personal crisis, there’s room to fall in love.

This is the first book in a planned three book series.




Chapter 1

I balanced on my surfboard, right thigh burning and salt water stinging my eyes, while the best wave of the early morning carried me like a goddess on a pedestal to shore. My older brother Liam and I shared a friendly competition, and it gave me a certain, blissful satisfaction to catch the same wave and to get to shore first.
“Beat ya!” I shouted over the noise of the crashing surf.
Seagulls flocked and circled over us, squawking loudly, adding to the cacophony.
The sun glistened off Liam’s damp blond curls as he shook them out. His eyes sparkled as his lips tugged up into a grin. “I let you win.”
“Did not!” I smacked him playfully on the arm. “One more ride?”
Liam unzipped his wetsuit letting the top half fall down past his waist. He was in fine form, and I understood why all the girls raved about him. He was responsible for a long list of broken hearts.
“I gotta get going,” he said, lifting his board.
I fell into stride beside him, my feet sinking into the cold, wet sand. “So soon?”
He nodded, the glint leaving his eyes. My lips tightened into a frown “You’re taking off with Jackson again?”
Jackson was my boyfriend but lately he’d been spending more time with my brother than he had with me. It was starting to tick me off.
Liam stared straight ahead. “Lab stuff.”
“What are you working on?” I rushed to keep up with my brother’s long, strong strides. He flicked his head, tossing the hair out of his eyes but didn’t answer.
“Come on,” I knocked into him sideways. “Tell me!”
“It’s just stuff.”
“Just stuff? Like what? Top CIA stuff? I know you’re smart but I think the government has been doing a good job without your help.”
I meant it as a joke, but Liam huffed. “It’s just stuff, okay? So leave it.”
I stopped short shocked that he’d snapped at me.
He turned around and exhaled, “Zoe, I’m sorry.”
“Fine. If you can’t tell me, you can’t tell me.”
We resumed our trek along the beach, and I pushed back my frustration. Liam used to include me in everything. It was always him and me against everyone else. Him and me against Alison and Paul, aka our mom and dad. Him and me against the surf. We were a team. When did we start keeping secrets from each other? Rather, when did he start keeping secrets from me?
I re-adjusted my board under my arm. Maybe I could get Jackson to unzip his lips. Especially if I helped him. He could be easily persuaded if I poured on the charm. I hated to go behind my brother’s back for information, but something about all this--this, whatever it was that Liam was doing--made me uneasy. I couldn’t pinpoint why, it just did.
We reached our home, a massive glass box with two floors of windows facing the Pacific Ocean. It was built after the San Andreas Fault shifted and triggered the Big Quake that, along with the subsequent tsunami, wiped out ten miles of shoreline.
A nearby white-stucco storage shed housed all our water toys. We stopped there to hang up our wetsuits to dry.
“Thanks for surfing with me today.” Liam said, smiling at me, back to his jovial self. “I know it was a sacrifice for you to get up so early.”
I smiled in return. “No problem. It was fun.” Surfing with Liam was one of my most favorite things to do.
“You’re back for dinner?” I asked.
Liam didn’t know it, but once he left, I’d be spending the rest of the day preparing for his surprise birthday party. He’d turned twenty-one yesterday and had celebrated at a bar with his friends. I couldn’t go because I was underage, and it irked me that Jackson went and that he and Liam had once again shared a significant moment without me. I took consolation in the fact that Alison and Paul gave me free reign to plan this party. My heart beat with excitement, and I couldn’t wait to see his face when he got home and found the house full of his friends.
“Yeah, I’ll be there,” he answered.
I bit my cheek to keep my voice even. “Good.We’ll see you, then.”
Our property tiered twice before connecting with the sandy beach. Three glass doors slid open disappearing into the corner and creating a wall-less view of the stone patio that encased an eternity pool. Its waters slipped over the far edge into a waterfall that was collected again on the second tier.
Liam strode into the house, through the living room and down the hall to his bedroom at the back, his wet shorts dripping on the glossy white tiles.
I tightened the towel around my waist and climbed the open-slat staircase to my room.
As I passed the maid, Saundra something, her brown face blanched. She stumbled slightly before grabbing the rail and catching herself.
“Excuse me,” she said softly at my astonished look.
The woman really didn’t look well, and I was thankful for my enhanced immunization. I was glad I didn’t have to worry about diseases brought in from the outside.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
She nodded weakly, and proceeded to clean the rails. I’d requested extra staff to get the house ready for Liam’s party.

A trill of anticipation reclaimed my thoughts. I couldn’t wait for tonight.
The door beside my bathroom opened into a second room, a walk-in closet big enough to house another bedroom set. Racks of clothes and shoes lined the walls, a well-lit mirror station was located near the sky light and a cushioned leather bench was placed in the middle for sitting. I stood in my closet and stared at the rows of sundresses, blouses and shorts.
What to wear?
I settled on a lace blouse and cotton shorts, then went to take a luxurious shower, rinsing the sea water out of my long, blond hair. I leaned into the built-in seat that was designed specifically for my body height and shape. Laser lights mapped my head and twenty-eight silicon fingers reached out to massage my scalp while shampooing and conditioning my hair. Most days I had to watch or I’d doze off, but today I was excited. I commanded the water to turn off as soon as the rinse was done.
When I was dressed and my hair combed out and tied back, I slipped my platinum Communication Ring onto my left middle finger. I tapped it which produced a holographic image of my phone apps on my palm. I touched the clock icon and holographic digital numbers appeared in the air.
Ten already? Where did the time go? That was the thing with summer holidays; every hour ran languidly into the next.
I imagined the cook and her crew were busy preparing for the party in the kitchen. I’d requested fresh sea food and simulated roast, fresh fruit and vegetables, an assortment of fancy chocolates and baked items plus a three-tiered, surfer-themed birthday cake.
I skipped down the stairs to check on the progress, but in my hurry to the kitchen, I slammed into a body.
“Sorry,” a male voice said.
I stepped back agitated. I recognized the dark-haired boy wearing the white tunic my mother made the male staff wear. He was the maid’s son and I guessed he was part of the extra staff. He held a wet mop in his hand, and I figured he’d been cleaning up Liam’s spotty water trail.
He stepped politely out of the way, but the expression on his face was stoic. Even though he was clearly from the outside and the help, I still expected some small sign that what he saw when he viewed me was pleasing. A twinkle in the eye, a slight upturning of the lips. These were the responses I got from all the boys. The straight ones, anyway.
He wasn't especially attractive but I didn't see people with his appearance very often. He had eyes the color of imported coffee beans and skin like caramel candy. His nose was wide and his jaw-line sharp. I was suddenly intrigued by him and surprised myself by thinking he looked exotic.
“Excuse me, what was your name again?” I asked.
Right. I remembered now. I waited for him to say something, but he stayed quiet.
Footsteps echoed from the hall above. My parents spoke together, their muffled voices floating across the high ceilings.
“Do other maids send their sons to do their work?” Alison's voice had a brassy tone that carried through the cavernous space.
I felt a flare of red creep up my neck when I realized Alison was talking about Noah. My eyes darted to his, but he kept his averted.
“He does a good job,” Paul responded. “That's the main thing. Besides you know they need the money.”
“So we're charity now?”
“What's wrong with a little charity? Besides, they're not just anybody.”
“I don't care. I still don't trust him.”
I was mortified. My feet felt cemented to the floor and I didn’t know what to say. Anything would come off as trite since nothing I could say could undo what Noah had heard.
“Did you know the Pikes have a household robot now?” Alison, again. “Apparently it’s very efficient, and at least Mary doesn’t have to worry about things going missing.”
Noah’s jaw tightened and he turned his back to me. He attacked Liam’s dried and dusty water spots aggressively and soon had disappeared around the corner.
“Zoe?” Alison click-clacked down the wooden stairs. She wore a pale yellow pant suit and high heels even though it was Saturday. She was in-between careers now, having spent the last fifteen years in law. She barely looked thirty years old and with lots of time ahead of her, she could do anything. Probably several things.
“Mom! You have to keep your voice down. How many times do I have to tell you your voice travels in this glass box?
“Oh.” She looked mildly shaken. “No matter. Is everything coming together to your satisfaction?”
“I’m just checking in on things now.”
“Your father and I are meeting people for lunch. What time is the party again?”
I blew a frustrated breath. She could at least pretend she cared enough to remember details I’d told her a dozen times already.
“Right. We’ll see you at seven.”
Things proceeded throughout the day as planned and I was pleased with my ability to pull off an event like this on my own.
The decorators showed up at 1:00 as promised.
The band arrived to set up at 3:00.
I got dressed at 4:30, having bought a thigh-length mini-dress that sparkled with tiny crystals just for the occasion.
My hair and makeup girl arrived at 5:00.
I tapped my ring and called Jackson at 5:30.
“Where are you?” I said to the three-inch holographic image of him that popped up above my palm. “You said you’d help.”
“Sorry, Zo. Got tied up at home.”
“Are you okay? You don’t sound so good.”
It was odd. No one in Sol City ever got really sick, but it wasn’t unheard of to get run down if you pushed yourself too hard. Jackson had been working a lot lately.
“I didn’t sleep well last night. Uh, spent most of the day in bed.”
I felt a little panicky. “You’re still coming, aren’t you?”
“Of course. I’ll be there soon.”
Alison and Paul arrived at 6:30 along with all of mine and Liam’s friends.
I hushed everyone at 6:55, giving instructions on when to shout “Surprise!”
It was all a wasted effort.
Liam never showed.

Alice In Zombieland by Gena Showalter


She won’t rest until she’s sent every walking corpse back to its grave. Forever.

Had anyone told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course between one heartbeat and the next, she would have laughed. From blissful to tragic, innocent to ruined? Please. But that’s all it took. One heartbeat. A blink, a breath, a second, and everything she knew and loved was gone.

Her father was right. The monsters are real….

To avenge her family, Ali must learn to fight the undead. To survive, she must learn to trust the baddest of the bad boys, Cole Holland. But Cole has secrets of his own, and if Ali isn’t careful, those secrets might just prove to be more dangerous than the zombies….

I wish I could go back and do a thousand things differently.
I'd tell my sister no.
I'd never beg my mother to talk to my dad.
I'd zip my lips and swallow those hateful words.
Or, barring all of that, I'd hug my sister, my mom and my dad one last time.
I'd tell them I love them.
I wish... Yeah, I wish

My thoughts 

Zombie books have never really been my thing, But Gena has certainly scripted this tale to keep the reader intrigued and there interest piqued within the pages of this story.

A quick fun ya read steadily paced for the reader, zombies like no other zombies out there; they certainly didn’t freak me out the way some do.. ** shivers**

The action was steady, beginning from within the first few chapters and an intriguing and fun story for all those who like a spin on a fairy tale.

Give me a sexy bad boy any time ** Cole ** will certainly appeal to all the readers out there who love them a bad boy! ** grins ** He certainly was my cuppa tea !

The characters all secondary and main are likeable and engaging, the action is consistent and the romance is sizzling... It's not too gory so if you’re like me and don’t like alot of gore and stuff then I'm sure this will appeal to you.

A few laughs out loud moments, and a little bit of everything to give the story a well-rounded feel. I personally enjoyed all Gena's adult books more, but this Ya certainly is a great start to the series.

Thank you to Harlequin Australia for this book in exchange for my honest review

Violet Midnight by Lynn Rush Book review

 I was lucky enough to have been given a copy of Violet Midnight for review and I have to say I loved it ! I have enjoyed all Lynn Rush's books she has written and Violet Midnight is certainly just as good .. Find my review , blurb and cover ** wow ** !!! A must read to add to your reader or shelf.. I'll certainly be getting a paperback copy of this baby !


Let the Hunt begin…

Blending in with her college co-eds proves difficult for vampire Hunter, Emma Martin, considering the mystical tattoo on her wrist glows whenever Vamps are near. And after three months of silence, the glow is back with a vengeance.

Jake Cunningham witnesses Emma, a violet-eyed beauty, using unimaginable powers to fight off a fanged creature. Finally, after two years of searching, he may have found out what he’s become—a Hunter, like Emma.

Thankful for an ally in the fight against the Vamps, Emma finds hope and comfort in Jake’s arms. As she learns more about her new love’s family and its dark heritage, she may be forced not only to hunt them but to sacrifice her life to save Jake’s soul. 

My review .

For starters I'm not going into the storyline to much,  read the blurb ! Grab your copy and enjoy the hunt ! 

From the start this story catches you in its thrall, raising your blood flow – your heart rate and your blood pressure with the kick arse action scenes written. It will have you on the edge of your seat gazing into the pages at a vampire – hunter story that is of course is very unique. A romance - paranormal genre with the new adult concept blended throughout, this story is certainly a great start to an engaging new series.

I must say that personally I enjoy a kick ass heroine; Emma is strong, and not demanding. Caring and selfless , and determined to find her way in the new world of vampires that she has discovered. Her abilities gifted to her give her strength within herself, and a way to deal with the loss of loved ones.

The supporting characters were equally well written, living in the world amongst the dead unbeknown to what really goes bump in the night. Lynn Rush’s storyline was great and certainly lays down a strong foundation for future stories; however from the ending of this you have to wander what adventure she will take us on next. I certainly can’t wait!

I read this in almost one sitting; I was hooked within the first pages till I had turned the last page. Lynn Rush always captivates me with her writing, her stories are always unique, well detailed and easily envisaged and I immensely enjoy the characters that she scripts.
I was able to connect with the characters and submerge myself within the story, something that for me is important when reading.

Moments where you will be gasping for air with Emma and other moments you will be thinking OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT...... (( grins )) you must read it to find out !

Jake and Emma’s romance is sizzling - I really enjoyed the new adult concept and I can’t wait to see what these vampire hunters get up to in the next instalment. ** I personally would love Jake as my personal light bulb ** grins... His character was certainly put forth well with strength and determination of a Hunter. All the unique characteristics that Lynn has put forth with her Hunters were certainly riveting and refreshing. Something I can always expect from this author!

A fantastic start to a new series – Violet Midnight is such an appropriate title and the cover is just stunning! 

I rated this 5 Violet Heart out of 5 !!! 

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