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Never Say Never by Kailin Gow Book Review

Never Say Never ** Never Knights book one **

What girl wouldn't want to be surrounded by the sexy guys from the hottest teen rock sensation in the country? 18-year-old Never "Neve" Knight, not only is surrounded by the hottest boys to hit the music charts, but she is the band's lead singer. As the band's lead singer and manager, Never formed and shaped the band to where it is today, a band on the rise and on the brink of being signed by a label. As one of the guys, she knew each of the band members since they were all snot-nose ten-year-olds. While her boys were the cutest guys and they would protect her like knights, she couldn't date any one of them and ruin the chance at being signed with the record label of her dreams.

That changes when one of the band members suddenly drops out of the band, and in walks Danny Blue, with his dreamy blue eyes, hot body, and British accent. Suddenly, Never's solid world has turned to mush, and her rule for not dating one of her band members is seriously challenged. Can she keep her head straight and get her band signed with a label without losing her heart?

YA Mature/New Adult.

rating 4/5 

My review .

A great start for another series by Kailin gow
I read this in one sitting. Kalin never disappoints it rocked !!!

Never Knight is 18 years old and has started her own Rock band *The Never Nights*. With the help of her long-time friends, they embark on a journey of Dreams, and there passion for music.

 Never and her band are trying to hit it big without the aid or influence of her Rock star dad, Keith Knight - her dreams are to be famous all on her own,  Without the influence of her Rock star dads name and help. She embarks  on a journey of a dream - discovery, heart ache and acceptance.

The only strict rule set forth for the group is no dating within the band. But after an incident that leaves one of her guys injured they advertise for a new stand in guitarist band member.
Here we meet Danny Blue..................................................... ** picks jaw up off the ground **

 He is: Dreamy, English - good looking rock star material. ** swoon ** He joins the band and waves of power within the group just soured to new heights. Not only does the band's music enrapture the audience and each other the electricity and passion between Danny and Never is sizzling.

Danny and Never's passion is forbidden within the band - but with the chemistry that Never and Danny feel for each other can they stick the rules set forth?

 Danny has a past which may in the end effect his capability to love. Never has a choice to make, if rules are to be broken then consequences take place. Choices need to be made, loose her best friends, her band or Danny?

Never Say Never is a notch up from Kalians normal genres. This contemporary romance - New Adult story will take you on a rollercoaster ride, emotions that are well portrayed, sexy moments that Kailin so perfectly scribes and an array of moments that will have your eyes lashing batting and breathe baited. ( Kailin certainly surprised me here)) grins.

** I must say I think Kailin should try a dabble in the adult industry as well for her stories, because this story certainly showed me what I knew Kailin was capable of and that is ANYTHING !!!

** This new adult concept was very addressed  and put forth making it a tasteful and sexy read.

 Kailin has certainly taken us on a new journey with this one. For all readers who like smexy, Danny Blue and the boys are for you. I really enjoyed Never's best friend and I felt kind of sorry for him... I wasn't sure who to root for and still am slightly unsure of where this story line will go after such an unpredictable ending!  I cant wait to grab the next book in the series to find out more to this story.

The rock and roll theme was well written  throughout this story, it's entertaining, well-paced and the romance is ** sinfully sexy **... Grins! Grab your copy today - it's fun, heart-warming, and every book that Kailin writes has a message behind it!!  FOR ANYONE WHO DARE TO DREAM......

A big thank you to Author Kailin Gow for sending me this book to review !

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