Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sacrifice by Cayla Kluver Book review

Publisher: HarlequinTeen Australia

Pages: 448pgs
The Story

This is not the time for the fight to end.
Now is when the fight will begin.
This is the time to regain what has been lost.

Alera. Queen of a fallen kingdom, secretly in love with the enemy.

Shaselle. Daughter of a murdered father, rebel with a cause.

One lives behind the former Hytanican palace walls and walks the razor's edge to keep the fragile peace in her beloved homeland. The other slips through the war-torn streets retribution for her family's tragedy, following whispers of insurgency.

Both face choices that will separate them from those they cannot help but love. As their stories intertwine, a conspiracy ignites that may end in slavery or death - or lead to freedom anew, if only each can face what must be sacrificed.
My thoughts.
Sacrifice is Cayla Kluver's last instalment of the Legacy trilogy and with her final story I was certainly not disappointed. Cayla Kluver writes and creates a world in which the reader disappears into. She creates a unique world with likeable characters and a series that one would certainly go back and read again in the future.  As always it’s always sad to see a favourite series come to an end, but Cayla has certainly tied this series up for me and I was not at all disappointed.   
Sacrifice is written within two pov’s – Alera’s and also Shaselle’s, both characters that were certainly intriguing to read about.  I enjoyed Alera’s character much more so than Shaselle , there was just something I didn’t really enjoy about her character.  But we all can’t have characters that we love lol.
Alera played her role throughout this series, she changed and grew as the story progressed and we can see this through each and every story put forth.  She grew up a lot and realized the important aspects of being whom she was destined to be.   Some mature decisions were made , which I found that to me made her the person she grew up to be.
The romance with Narian will give your heart a little flutter. He was swoon worthy, sexy, with great strength and personality. Definably suited to Alera.  (( no spoilers here)) lol
Over all, Cayla has written Sacrifice with an engaging storyline that runs fluent from front to back page. A little romance for all the romantics out there, action, adventure and growth within some very likeable characters.  A series I can say go read for yourself be your own judge and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
Thank you to Harlequin Australia for supplying me this book for my honest opinion for review ;)

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