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Witchwood Estate - Cursed - Patti Roberts Book Review

Author: Patti Roberts
Published: 23 June 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal
Book Description
Brought back from the clutches of death by a power she does not understand, Alexandria is focused on getting her life back to normal, whatever that means. With new friends, Andrew, Kat and River by her side, Alexandria lets herself believe that her future is looking promising.

Things take a turn, however, when a handsome stranger arrives in Ferntree Falls, and Alexandria begins to wonder if his presence is a blessing or a CURSE.
My review
As always with each instalment of The Witch wood Estate series, Patti Always leaves us wanting more. The books are short in length as in any TV series, but filled with action, evil, adventure, mystery, and an even a little sparkly flare of romance brewing.

In this instalment we meet new characters, which I have to say I eagerly await for more of. Find out the cliff-hanger from book two and breathe a sigh of Relief.

I love the world of the Paranormal and Patti gives us a smorgasbord in this instalment. I love the new characters she had added into this series, and is curious as to which direction she will take us.

The only thing I can complain about is that we are always left wanting more. But like any TV series we are left eagerly awaiting the next instalment, making conclusions and thoughts of our own as to which way the story will take us. I have to say the new hotties that Patti has added into *Cursed* , have me curious and maybe even a little starry eyed. Im a sucker for a man with fur and fangs ;) lol.

Witch wood estate - is a truly unique series filled with an abundant tale of witches, potions and magic chants and also mysteries within. Patti brings this fantastic and imaginative story to life at every page.

The added extras at the end of each series is a wonderful addition to anyone interested in learning more about the witchy ways, crystals, herbs and much more.
About this author

Patti Roberts loves reading and writing Medieval themes. An Australian Author currently writing the Witchwood Estate and the Paradox Series.

Long ago, in an almost forgotten Realm, a race of fallen Angles called the Grigori clash with a ruling house of Angels Called the Bulguardi. Their battle changed events in the Ancient World and the New World forever. A Realm where a year can last centuries and an Ancient magical people still rule, even the immortals face danger. Rising up from their imprisonment underground on Altair, evil has returned and the Grigori are on a destructive path of revenge. When their preferred food source becomes scarce, Earth, a world teaming with humans, becomes their target.

Trapped between the old world and the new, a little girl is cursed with horrific visions from the past. From an Ancient world to the new world on Earth, this is a tale of myth and legend, mayhem and magic, birth and death. A tale of families torn apart, souls searching for lost loves, and evil is walking out of the shadows. You can run, but you cannot run forever.

“ I'm astounded by the writer's imagination, the rich writing and beautiful prose as well as the intrinsic plot. ” JDS

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